AGN Campout - What to bring checklist

Bedding/Sleeping Bag/Air Mattress
Air Pump (if bringing Air Mattress)
Swiss Army Knife (they can do anything, including file your nails)
Folding Chair
Sun Screen
Water Gun (for cooling off hot bodies or water fight)
Power Strip
Extension Cord (25ft to 50ft)
Box Fan
Hat/ Cap
Large Plastic Mug
Toiletries/Multiple Towels
Insect Repellant (because getting bitten is no fun)
Boots/ High Tops... if possible
Tylenol/Advil or Prescription Medications
Medication box (Can be placed in cooler)
Trash Bag
Laundry Bag
Cocktail party needs (If you're hosting one!)
DO NOT bring ice (We supply the ice)